studies on type, talks, time etc🕠
our contributors practise on creating shapes & letters🕠
surrounded by half finished font-editing files🕠
and shuffled alphabet drawings🕠

within the rough setup🕠
this 1 hour( + 30 mins sometimes? ) afternoon time "🕠" was launched at first on April 12th 2018🕠
in the room R1🕠24🕠
having 5 : 30 pm for studying and thanking typefaces🕠


e-mail, Instagram

Rietveld Building 1.24, Onderlands 9,
6828CE Arnhem, the Netherlands


Font software distributed at 530 is under either one of License agreements, End User License Agreement or SIL Open Font License.

The former you can read the document below,
––– End User License Agreement fvty_eula.rtf

↑ the latter license text be included in DOWNLOAD zip with the font of your choice.
↑ window lettering at Rietveld building, a font of Michiel Terpelle